Knut Menden Bettina steffens

Who we are.

Bettina Steffens and Knut Menden draw on more than 15 years of experience as architects & designers in sustainable architecture. With a European background and deep knowledge of sustainability and energy efficient buildings, along with experience in different climate zones from Germany, Austria, New Zealand and Australia, we deliver creative and innovative design. Always targeting the highest built quality and reduced carbon footprint in our projects, we are conscious of timeframes and budget.

Coming from high end residential design and complex commercial projects (particularly education projects) we offer a very personal and passionate service to our clients, covering a wide range of project typologies.

A major focus of our work are pre-fabricated mass timber structures, as well as utilising Passivhaus design principles. We believe that in architecture it is essential to minimise a building’s impact on the natural environment with very low energy use as a pathway to creating sustainable and healthy living environments.

Registered Architect Knut Menden: NSW (ARB 10926) and Germany (AKNW 39738).